Golf Performance Center

Golf Performance Center

The Golf Performance Center Innsbruck is a highly professional indoor training arena for every golfer, every level of play.

The center uses the most modern training equipment, such as SamPuttLab, Scope Video System and especially the well-known and famous "Trackman", which is now the highest standard for all top athletes and top trainers. With this technical equipment, the Golf Perfomance Center helps you to improve your skills and enjoy golf.

Bradley Thompson has an extremely wealth of experience in all facets of golf. A former tour professional, the native Australian collected many important impressions and insights at professional tournaments in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia. In 2004 he was awarded the title of Master Golf Professional. Bradley Thompson is one of the few golf professionals to win the title. Bradley holds the highest graduation standard (G1) of the PGA of Germany, the A-Trainer and Prevention Trainer License of the DGV and is a TPI certified Golf & Fitness Instructor. The Golf Journal voted him in the top 50 golf in 2008.

The concept of success is to give each player a clear and unambiguous explanation of the movements. The deficits are identified, precise goals for improvement are found and defined in a training plan. Understanding the right movement leads to self-control, more efficient practice and rapid improvement. With logical, targeted training, the player can easily and successfully achieve his goals.

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