Our vision – your contacts

On 1st March 2004 Innsbruck’s sports venues were unified under the umbrella brand Olympiaworld. Since that date the Olympic Hall, the Tiroler Wasserkraft Arena, the Tivoli Stadion Tirol, the State Sport Centre, the Skateboarding Hall and the Olympic Ice Track have been operated and marketed as one entity.

In our opinion, the sum is greater than the total of its parts. Our aim, through the consolidation of the individual attractions, is to generate a new additional asset for the region. Unified communications create a strong brand with a high symbolic value and recognition value.

The brand Olympiaworld is synonymous with a unique, outstanding location in the very heart of Europe. It offers the inhabitants of Innsbruck, local Tyroleans and visitors from all over the world the promise of superb local, regional, national and international events of the very highest class. Furthermore, the Olympiaworld Innsbruck is a distinctive and highly visible beacon in the region and a stunning landmark of the Olympic city of Innsbruck and the province of Tyrol.

By consolidating the various different facilities, we have been successful in creating a bridge between the city’s glorious Olympic past and its radiant future. The Olympiaworld provides an invigorating impetus to the sport activities in the area and provides a thriving centre for sport, culture and business – one of its kind in the Alpine region. In addition, the Olympiaworld offers the chance of good business through the development of new segments in the business area. This helps to render the region even more attractive from an economic and touristic standpoint.

Our shareholders
City of Innsbruck 50%
State of Tyrol 50%

Our board of directors
Dr. Christian Girardi (Chairman)
Mag. Reinhard Eberl / State of Tyrol
Mag.a Elisabeth Mayr / City of Innsbruck
DI. HR Robert Müller / State of Tyrol
Mag.a Christine Oppitz-Plörer / City of Innsbruck
Mag.a Julia Schmid / City of Innsbruck
Mag. Manfred Tschopfer / State of Tyrol (Vice Chairman)
Mag.a Simone Wallnöfer / State of Tyrol

Managing Director
Mag. Matthias Schipflinger
T: +43 (512) 33838-220
Assistant to the Managing Director
Alexandra Eder
T: +43 (512) 33838-405
Senior Head of Department Marketing
Nicolas Fettner MA
T: +43 (512) 33838-222
Assistant Marketing Department
Veronika Eberl BA
T: +43 (512) 33838-221
Assistant Marketing Department
Claudia Lösch
T: +43 (512) 33838-223
Manager Services / F&B
Andreas Kostenzer
T: +43 (512) 33838-480
Senior Head of Depertment Sports Facilities
Prok. Christoph Kaufmann
T: +43 (512) 33838-226
Manager State Sport Centre
Mag. Lukas Matosevic
T: +43 (512) 33838-460
Assistant State Sport Centre
Elena Brom
T: +43 (512) 33838-461
Manager Skate Hall
Fabio Cracolici
T: +43 (512) 33838-225
Manager Olympic Ice Track
Andreas Hagn
T: +43 (512) 33838-275
Senior Head of Department Facility Management and Technical Department
Mag. Markus Krapf-Fontan
T: +43 (512) 33838-213
Manager Technical Event Support
Udo Merganz
T: +43 (512) 33838-230
Team Leader Purchasing / Cleaning / Maintenance external
Florian Probst
T: +43 (512) 33838-215
Head of technical operation and production
Michael Fritz
T: +43 (512) 33838-236
Team Leader Ice Operations
Wolfgang Kienast
T: +43 (512) 33838-265
Head of Finance and Accounting
Mag. Patrick Waimann BSc.
T: +43 (512) 33838-240
Invoicing and Arrears Billing
Gerlinde Riegler
T: +43 (512) 33838-246