Pay with your smartphone and always save 5%!

From now on, you can pay even easier and faster at Olympiaworld Innsbruck. And the best thing? You also save money. 

With the Olympiaworld.loyalty.APP you can top up your credit in advance. You then save 5% on your consumption with every beer, every pretzel - in short, with every payment. In addition, with the Olympiaworld.bonus.programme you automatically collect bonus points that you can exchange. Many other benefits await you, such as happy hours, free beer, snacks, etc. The Olympiaworld.loyalty.APP is a real benefit for you!

Your personal asset: you no longer have to queue to top up your credit. You also no longer have to go to the terminal if you want to withdraw your remaining credit. 

With the brand new Olympiaworld.loyalty.APP, you have everything in your own hands! Plan your visit to the Olympiaworld Innsbruck from home. Payment via app is possible in all venues such as Tivoli Stadium, TIWAG Arena, Olympic Hall, American Football Centre and Sportsbar.

In the venues Tivoli Stadium, American Football Centre and TIWAG Arena you can only pay CASHLESS. Download the APP now and top up your credit or pay with the Area Card.

How does the Olympiaworld.loyalty.APP work?

1. download and install the Olympiaworld.loyalty.APP
2. register - create customer account. You will need an email address for confirmation
3. top up your credit - with Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer or PayPal
4. pay
       In all catering establishments at Olympiaworld Innsbruck
       You receive a 5% instant discount on all payments with the Olympiaworld.loyalty.APP


Further advantages

  • Participation in the Olympiaworld.bonus.programme
    You automatically receive bonus points, happy hours, free beer, etc.
  • View all receipts and consumptions
    This gives you an overview and you can print out invoices if required
  • Information about events
    Sporting, musical, funny and cool events are waiting for you
  • Credit reversals
    By bank transfer within 5 working days

Download APP: