Working fields


These jobs are waiting for you.

As a volunteer, you can put your strengths and your experience into practice and select the working field that suits you best. The most important thing is: You have to be a team player! Because neither a single functional area, nor the complete big picture can work with individualists.

Event Operations

Are you interested in the logistic processes during as well as after an event? Have you always wanted to know which ‘hardware’ is required at an event venue in order to play the ‘software sports event’ successfully?

Your profile:

  • You are not someone who handles things with kid gloves – you are a hands-on-person!
  • You enjoy juggling with lists, figures and appointments OR are endowed with manual
  •    skills OR technically experienced?
  • Improvisation is your second name.
  • You can cope with time pressure and even in heated situations, you keep a cool head.
  • Stormy weather conditions are not a problem for you, but just a challenge.

Exactly the right thing for you? Then you are an Event Operator!

Client Services

When you hear ‘international major sport event‘, you prick up your ears. Are you fascinated by international events, especially because you enjoy working with persons from different cultures and enjoy speaking different languages? The core task of this area of work is the all-round care and communication with all the persons involved in the event – athletes and coaches, officials and politicians, fans and spectators, VIPs, sponsors and guests or even artists in the framework of ceremonies.

Your profile:

  • You love being a host and usually welcome your guests in different languages?
  • If you had to describe yourself as a weather condition, you’d be the brilliant sunshine.
  • If there is a problem, you look for a solution, not an excuse.
  • You are never at the end of your tether.

Is that you? Welcome to the team.

Media & Communications

Your affinity to media and journalism is not limited to the passive reception, but you are also interested in the processes going on in the background? In this area, you will feel the pulse of the event and can help shape the parts where the spectacular courses of the event are transferred into pictures and words.

Your profile:

  • In your next life you may become a writer, writing comes easily to you.
  • Do you let your imagination run riot? Definitely not! You put events in a nutshell and capture them in a single picture.
  • You are an experienced photographer and can handle video equipment; you know how to draw attention to motives and players.
  • You know all about the do’s and don’ts of social media.
  • You stay calm and make sure everything runs smoothly, even if all the journalists claim the first interview for themselves.

Geared to your needs? Let's get started!


You feel enthusiastic about the immediate competitions and want to be part of the direct implementation of the sport events? Then contribute your part in order to design the best possible conditions for all athletes and officials – either very close to trainings or during the competitions, at the doping tests or during the cheering on the winner’s podium!

Your profile:

  • You are a sports freak and when there is news or when there are events, you are always up to date.
  • Tele mark, double backflip, bouldering, individual time trial… – competition formats, basic terms and rules in the popular sports disciplines at the specific event are no foreign words for you.
  • Even during the hectic competitions, you keep calm, keep an overview and can delegate.
  • You don’t mind tackling something and helping out, physical work is no problem for you.
  • Just like in the working field of Event Operations – stormy weather conditions are no problem for you, just a challenge!

OK? OK! Ready, set, go!

General Management

Be part of it! Not just on the side line, but right in the middle! Either live at the sport competitions right in between all the international guests, the media, means of transportation or set-up. Are you curious? Welcome at General Management, where you as a passionate organiser can be part of different areas of the major project management as well as the administration of sport events.

Your profile:

  • You do not think too long about something, but you focus!
  • Touch-typing and all the office programmes are your best friends.
  • Short-term changes do not let yourself get worked up, you are flexible and react according to the situation.
  • You articulate appropriately and precisely – in short, you are quick-witted.
  • That’s it. The end. No further questions. Let’s get cracking.

Is this your personal description? Then you have (finally) arrived!