Olympic Ice Track

Olympic Ice Track

Bobsleigh, luge and skeleton world cup competitions and spectacular events

The Olympic artificial ice chute is the site of exhilarating bobsleigh, luge and skeleton world cup competitions and spectacular events. But laypersons too can experience the fascination of the ice track ‘up close and personal’ and enjoy an adrenaline-inducing ride down the track in a guest bobsleigh, competition bobsleigh or summer bobsleigh driven by a first-class pilot, followed by a well-earned chill-out session in the laid-back K14 café-restaurant (Bobcafé) – an out-of-the-ordinary yet perfect company incentive idea for all those who enjoy a bit of excitement. 

From bobsleigh, luge and skeleton world cup races to the ‘Wok World Cup’ with German television presenter Stefan Raab – every winter the ice track in Innsbruck-Igls is the setting for spectacular races and events. 

The Olympic ice track looks back on a long tradition. It played host to the very first world championships back in 1935 – although at that time it was a natural ice track. The artificial ice era began at the beginning of the 1960s when two separate artificial ice tracks were created for the bobsleigh and luge competitions of the 1964 Winter Olympics that were held in Innsbruck. Covering a total distance of 1,506 metres and with 13 bends and an elevation drop of 136 metres, they were among the most impressive ice chutes in the world at that time.On the occasion of the 1976 Winter Olympics, the two tracks were replaced by one combined track for bobsleigh, luge and skeleton races. As the first combined ice tube in the world, this sports facility served as a role model for many future artificial bobsleigh and luge tracks. Over the years to come the facility was expanded and modified several times. In addition to the extension of the ‘Bobcafé’, the finishing run was lengthened and given an extra bend in 1981 and, in 1990/1991 the new starting point for women’s races (5th bend) was completed along with a further extension to the finish area. In November 2004 the track was given a full overhaul. During the summer months of 2005 and 2006 all the buildings were renovated (start houses, finishing house, press centre, guest area) and today the entire facility is one of the most modern of its kind worldwide 

Technical specifications

  • Overall length 1,270 m
  • Elevation drop approx. 100 m
  • Number of bends 14 (incl. the famous 360-degree ‘Kreisel’ corner) ·
  • Max. curve height 7 m
  • Total length of cooling tubes 80 km
  • Artificial ice surface 5,500 m2

Information on guest bobsleigh/competition bobsleigh rides

+43 (512) 33838-221

Information on summer bobsleigh, wok and guest skeleton rides

+43 (664) 2024797

Olympia Eiskanal
Heiligwasserwiese 1
6080 Igls
+43 (512) 33838-275
+43 (512) 377160

GUEST BOBSLEIGH RIDES (5 guests + 1 pilot)

From the starting point for women’s races enjoy a ride down the ice chute in one of our original guest bobsleighs and experience first-hand the fascination of this exhilarating winter sport. During the 800 metre ride down the ice track, which includes an elevation drop of 100 metres, you reach speeds of up to 90 km/h as you race around 10 bends and the 360-degree ‘Kreisel’ corner. To ensure that you arrive at the finish safe and sound, one of our professional bobsleigh pilots accompanies you all the way.

Everyone over the age of 12 years and at least 1.30 metres tall can take part in a guest bobsleigh ride. With bobsleighs offering space for five guests and one pilot, this activity is ideally suited to larger groups too.

€ 35,- per person

Gift vouchers can be purchased from all oeticket ticket sales points or online for self-printing using print@home.
Order vouchers now quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home.

When you purchase a guest bobsleigh ticket, the following Instructions and Conditions  apply and these must be signed and submitted before the ride.
For queries or further information contact: T: +43 (512) 33838-221, bobfahrt@olympiaworld.at
Emergency number, on guest bobsleigh days only, from 5 pm to 8 pm: T: +43 (512) 33838-275 oder +43 (512) 377160.

Reservations are not required for guest bobsleigh rides. Meeting point on all guest bobsleigh dates is in the Cafe-Restaurant K14 (Bobcafe). Participants should be there 20 minutes before the official starting time.

Group reservations
Individual dates and times can be arranged for groups of 25 and over.

Guest bobsleigh dates – 2018/2019 season

25.12.2019 Wednesday 2 pm
31.12.2019 Tuesday 10 am
01.01.2020 Wednesday 2 pm
21.01.2020 Tuesday 7.30 pm
23.01.2020 Thursday 7 pm
04.02.2020 Tuesday 7.30 pm
06.02.2020 Thursday 7 pm
11.02.2020 Tuesday 7.30 pm
18.02.2020 Tuesday 7.30 pm
20.02.2020 Thursday 7.00 pm
25.02.2020 Tuesday 7.30 pm
27.02.2020 Thursday 7.00 pm
03.03.2020 Tuesday 7.30 pm

RACE BOBSLEIGH RIDES  (2 guests + 1 pilot + 1 brakeman)

Experience a breathtaking ride at speeds of up to 115 km/h down the 1,270 metre-long ice track with an elevation drop of 124 metres, 14 bends and the 360-degree ‘Kreisel’ corner. Our original Olympic four-man bobsleighs (one pilot, one brakeman, two guests) take you from the starting point for men’s races all the way to the finish. Feel like an Olympic athlete and join in this adrenaline-inducing ride. To participate in the race bobsleigh ride you need to be at least 14 years old and 1.50 metres tall - and be a bit of a winter sport nut!

€ 100,- per person

Gift vouchers can be purchased from all oeticket ticket sales points or online for self-printing using print@home. Order vouchers now quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home.  

The following Instructions and Conditions apply and these must be signed and submitted before the ride.
Emergency number, on race bobsleigh weekends only, from 9 am to 6 pm: T: +43 (512)
33838-275 or +43 (512) 377160.
Pre-booking is a MUST for race bobsleigh rides!

Group reservations
Individual dates and times can be arranged for groups of 8 and over.

Race bobsleigh dates – 2018/2019 season

07.12.2019 Saturday 4 pm 10 20 sold out
08.12.2019 Sunday 4 pm 10 20
14.12.2019 Saturday 5 pm 10 20 sold out
15.12.2019 Sunday 4 pm 15 30
21.12.2019 Saturday 6 pm 15 30
22.12.2019 Sunday 4 pm 15 30
23.12.2019 Monday 4 pm 15 30
26.12.2019 Thursday 4 pm 8 16
29.12.2019 Sunday 6 pm 8 16
30.12.2019 Monday 4 pm 15 30
02.01.2020 Thursday 6 pm 8 16
05.01.2020 Sunday 4 pm 20 40
11.01.2020 Saturday 4 pm 15 30
12.01.2020 Sunday 1 pm 10 20
25.01.2020 Saturday 4 pm 15 30
26.01.2020 Sunday 4 pm 15 30
01.02.2020 Saturday 4 pm 10 20
02.02.2020 Sunday 4 pm 15 30
08.02.2020 Saturday 5.30 pm 20 40
09.02.2020 Sunday 4.30 pm 20 40
16.02.2020 Sunday 4 pm 20 40
22.02.2020 Saturday 5 pm 15 30
23.02.2020 Sunday 11 am 15 30
23.02.2020 Sunday 4 pm 15 30
24.02.2020 Monday 5 pm 10 20
26.02.2020 Wednesday 5 pm 10 20
29.02.2020 Saturday 11 am 15 30
29.02.2020 Saturday 4 pm 15 30
01.03.2020 Sunday 11 am 15 30
01.03.2020 Sunday 4 pm 15 30
02.03.2020 Monday 6 pm 10 20
08.03.2020 Sunday 11 am 15 30
08.03.2020 Sunday 4 pm 15 30


Hurtle down the Olympic ice track in a bobsleigh driven by a professional pilot. Adrenaline rush guaranteed! As you round the 360-degree ‘Kreisel’ corner, your body is exposed to centrifugal forces of up to 2G. The bobsleigh can reach exhilarating speeds of up to 100 km/h along its 1,270 metres and 14 bends.
Kids over the age of 12 or at least 1.30 metres tall can take part in the summer bobsleigh ride.

Opening times
May – mid-October

Individual dates and times can be arranged for groups of 16 and over.
For individual participants: July and August every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 4 pm
For groups of 16 and over: Individual dates and times can be arranged between the months of April and October
Advanced booking is required! Call Knauseder Event Concept, +43 (5275) 51220.

€ 38,- per person

Supporting framework programme
We’re also more than happy to organise a supporting programme tailored your group’s wishes to accompany your summer bobsleigh event. For further information visit  www.knauseder-event.at.

Knauseder Event Concept
+43 (5275) 51220
+43 (664) 2024797

What you need to know – information for guest bobsleigh and competition bobsleigh participants
Please wear clothing suitable for the time of year, good sturdy footwear and take gloves with you. You will be provided with a helmet. Registration and payment take place in the finish house, where you’ll also receive your certificate after the ride. Not suitable for people with back problems or pregnant women.

Meeting point
Olympic ice track finish house, Heiligwasserwiese 1, 6080 Igls.
Transport up to the start is included but you can, if you prefer, walk up along the edge of the ice track and take a look at the bends awaiting you! If you plan to go up on foot please schedule an extra 20 minutes for the walk.


Absolutely crazy! A madcap event that has attained cult status – a wok ride in Innsbruck-Igls. Originally made popular by the German TV presenter Stefan Raab, the Wok Race down the Olympic ice track in Innsbruck-Igls offers daredevils the perfect chance to boost their adrenaline levels as they hurtle down the 1,270 metres of ice on a four-man wok. The wok constructions used are the originals from Stefan Raab’s televised Wok World Championships that have been held no fewer than three times in Igls.

Information and reservations
Fr. Birgit Knauseder
+43 (664) 2024797


If you’d like to get first-hand experience of the sports of bobsleigh or skeleton, you can book taster rides on the Olympic ice track. Special skeleton programmes are available for school groups and there’s even a student skeleton championship. For younger students we have special youth skeletons.
A special bobsleigh school is open to young people aged 18 and over. It is organised and run by the Austrian Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (ÖBSV) and the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF).

Tyrolean Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation

Stadionstraße 1, 6020 Innsbruck
+43 (512) 200250

Austrian Women’s Bobsleigh Association
Mag. Silke Zeuner
Erzherzog-Eugen-Straße 7, 6020 Innsbruck
+43 (664) 4208045
silke.zeuner@gmx.at oder www.damenbob.at | facebook: Bobteam Zeuner

ÖSCI (skeleton)
Lindenstraße 17, 6020 Innsbruck
+43 (512) 206511

Sportunion Eisbären Innsbruck (skeleton and luge)
An-der-Lan-Straße 22, 6020 Innsbruck
+43 (512) 936050

Bobclub Igls (bobsleigh)
Klammstraße 18, 6020 Innsbruck
+43 (676) 7450441

Bobclub Tyrol (Bob)
Schillerstraße 3, 6020 Innsbruck
+43 (664) 2071620

BSC Innsbruck (skeleton and bobsleigh)
Friedenstraße 13, 6176 Völs
+43 (512) 302075


The Olympic ice track offers ideal conditions for children and youths over the age of 8 to learn the sport of luge on artificial ice. Many local clubs and the Tyrolean Luge Association offer taster days giving kids a fantastic chance to try out the sport. Professional luge athletes, including Markus Prock and the Linger brothers, got into the sport of luge through just such an open day. The kids are taught by qualified trainers. Prerequisites for this sport are good physical condition, some courage at the beginning and a love of speed.

Tyrolean Luge Association

Stadion Straße 1
6020 Innsbruck
+43 (512) 397979

SV Igls
Bilgeristraße 14
6080 Igls
+43 (512) 377925 oder +43 (650) 7286521

SU Eisbären
An-der-Lan-Straße 22
6020 Innsbruck
+43 (512) 936050

Turnerschaft Sparkasse Innsbruck, Sektion Rodeln
Luimes 133
6165 Telfes
+43 (512) 64782